Travel Journalism

A Passage Through India (2006) - Download

In my gap year between school and University, from March to August 2006, I travelled to India, Australia and the United States. Most of my time was spent in a village in the north of India, teaching English as a foreign language at a primary school. This is the extensive (about 30 000 words long) journal I wrote during the trip, detailing my travels and experiences. References in the text refer to photographs, available in the gallery. There are also a few videos.

Ma-Gnarly, Dude! (2006) - Download

The Manali story (the title was added by the editors without my knowledge) is an excerpt from Part IV of A Passage Through India. It was published in the University of Exeter award winning student magazine Exeposé in the 8th October 2007 edition, available on page 20 here.

Africa Safari (2005) - Download

For three weeks over my gap year in Chistmas 2005, I went on safari in Namibia and Botswana. Here's the article I wrote about the trip, which was published in the 21 May 2007 edition of award winning student magazine Exeposé, available on page 12 here. There are pictures in the gallery and also a few videos.