I have worked at Fidessa since 2010. In 2017, I moved to the Core Development Department to lead the Platform Deployment team, with responsibility for Quality Assurance test systems' support, and developing improvements to the automated deployment of Fidessa trading platforms.

From 2014-2016, I managed a Service Delivery team, implementing changes to a SaaS mission-critical cash equities / futures and options OMS for sell-side institutions. My time was split between hands-on development, project management and technical design. My skills were relied upon to develop complicated enhancements to some of Fidessa big customers' systems, to coach my colleagues and ensure no mistakes are made.

A typical day could have involved:

I have experience in Linux/Unix, TCL scripting, Java programming, Sybase SQL, Perforce version control and the FIX Messaging Protocol.

MSc IT Consultancy

The key part of my MSc in IT Consultancy 2009-2010 was experience with the Kent IT Clinic. I achieved a Distinction for this Masters course and furthermore was awarded a prize for the best post-graduate Computing project in the year.

As a project leader within the KITC, I led several teams of consultants to provide a variety of technology solutions for small and medium enterprise clients in and around Canterbury.

Dry Fire

Using GameMaker, in mid-2016 I made a non-commercial computer game to simulate the Civilian Service Rifle shooting competitions carried out at Bisley by the National Rifle Association of the UK.

The player follows a real shooting competition format. Unlike most shooting games, the emphasis is on safety! The player is taught how to handle the rifle safely and follow the course of fire. Infractions will result in a warning and/or a game over.

"I had a go and it's impressive and fun - quite how you managed this is a mystery. ... I liked the prompt to take the next action and the urgency of the drills. I'm sure others would enjoy it too" Peter Cottrell, Head of Shooting & Training at UK NRA

Download: Dry Fire, Screenshots (05/10/16 build)

Zero Two

In my Advanced Object-Oriented Development module at the University of Kent, I led a group project to make a text adventure game "Zero Two" written in Java using BlueJ.

Download: Zero Two (BlueJ project, including source code and reflective report)

IE Modding

Baldur's Gate II was released in 2000 by Black Isle and Interplay. It's a computer role playing game for the PC.

From May 2005 until February 2007, I was a member of a small team of administrators managing Spellhold Studios, which has thousands of members. My responsibilities ranged from technical (updating information on the website) to social management (resolving disputes and upholding the forum rules). I also enjoyed teaching new community members how to get to grips with the coding language.

My Infinity Engine mods are: